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The Current International Ebola Outbreak: Actual or Incorrect Flag?


You have actually seen the news reporting that the current Ebola outbreak is difficult to catch, however many are now claiming that this is not the case. The Ebola outbreak has actually indeed been recognized to have spread across nationwide West African perimeters and also could come to be a global pandemic. Ebola infected folks have been reported unwell while taking a trip on international flights, dispersing their air-borne infection …

The virus could survive on the surface in particulate matter for a few days. For infected experts, there is an 8-10 day incubation period before the sickness manifests: Could lots of people be supporting the harmful disease right now in areas all over the world and also spreading the infection?

Ebola destroys the physical body’s cells by triggering them to self-destruct: Convulsions, puking, internal as well as exterior blood loss are the infection’s manifestations. This takes place approximately over a 5-day duration, which leads to death. Currently, there is no known therapy.

Ebola Outbreak

… Or is all this an incorrect flag?

We reside in a world where multiple dilemmas seriously affect the populace where in some cases it is challenging to differentiate that which is genuine from the envisioned. If fear is the only operative then it does not actually matter to certain individuals in high places: There is a bunch of money to be made from mass panic, specifically when that which is causing the panic doesn’t exist.

Forget for a moment the viewpoints of the so called experts and the general consensus of the masses. What if there’s some alternative explanation to the Ebola episode. We’ve had condition scares come up again and again such as SARS, the bird flu or swine flu bio-terror dangers. With all the corporate regulated media hype and scaremongering, creating mass panic, certain pharmaceutical companies made significant quantities of money on treatment that was unnecessary: Absolutely nothing ever came of these diseases since either they were purposely exaggerated or never ever existed! Could this hold true of Ebola? Is the Ebola scaring a substantial disadvantage? A minimum of at this point in time more information is really needed.

To put the outbreak into perspective, the number of people so far who have died from the so-called Ebola faces a relatively smaller number compared to those NOT reported dying of other diseases such as the seasonal flu in an exact same given time period. Why is the latter never reported with its ‘this could erase the world’ scenarios.? Could there be some other explanation as to what’s going on with Ebola?

The locations where the Ebola is claimed to exist are steeped in extreme poverty. Nobody ever mentions this. Nobody really cares for this by handing out excellent nutrition and tidy water, the evident option. Could the health problem with its associated signs and symptoms be induced by a dirty atmosphere, mal-nutrition as well as the effects of having profit-driven Western world highly hazardous medicine foisted on the populations even further weakening their immune systems?

Suspicious and very toxic medications include beta-lactam antibiotics, having the effect of excessive blood loss, one of the Ebola signs. Antibiotics, as it says are anti-life. They not just eliminate damaging bacteria but additionally the advantageous kind. The priceless little nutrition that was available to these poverty-stricken individuals is further shed by extreme instances of diarrhea where the body’s nutrients are lost … Could the concept of condemning it on one perpetrator, a single illness be a scapegoat used to exonerate Western medication and also its dangerous therapy?

-Be it real or an untrue flag, we will certainly have to await further developments to see where all this is going.

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