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Best Home Remedies For Wart Removal

All About Wart Removal Home Remedies

Warts may make sudden appearance anywhere, anytime and nothing can be more distressful than having to deal with them when they arise on the face. It’s as if life changes totally with their sudden ugly presence. What makes matters even worse is the thought of living with them all life. Well not any more. Though other intensive therapies might be available outside with huge costs simple wart removal home remedies may also address their grievances.

Wart removal home remedies:


Dried coriander seeds or its fresh leaves work wonders in wart removal process. Made into a poultice it should be rubbed gently against the warts. This method should be applied for as long as the wart does not disappear. The effect? Blemish free skin at minimal or no cost.


Applying onion juice extracted from the same on the wart twice daily helps removing wart effectively. Effect – onions tasty to eat worthy to be smeared on one’s blemish.

Pineapple, another fine fruit, helps cure warts easily. Freshly squeezed pineapple juice applied daily on the warts makes its skin come off. If fresh pineapple juice is unavailable rubbing a chunk of the fruit may also yield effective results

Dandelion Flower roots

Dandelion flower roots secrete a type of white milky juice which is another remedy for curing warts. Applied three times a day the wart shrivels and peel off.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar juice if consumed daily is one of the wart removal methods and any other skin problems effectively from within. It in a way cleanses the system and reduces chances of their emergence greatly.

Banana Peel

The banana peel is also very effective and most readily available in almost every home. The inside of the banana peel should be in touch with the wart so that its repeated application for over a month makes the warts so dry that it tends to fall off in no time.

Lime Juice and Pomegranate

Roasted pomegranate fruit’s peel mixed with an equal amount of lime juice creates a paste. This paste readily smeared all over those areas where the warts are present gives sure shot positive result. But the paste gives away a strange odour and its application must be stopped immediately if cases of rash and allergy are reported.
The above were only some and not all the wart removal home remedies. One should note that wart removal is not something that has remedies not easily approachable. Every method is bound to be fruitful only if applied daily.

Popular remedies for removing warts at home

• Aloe vera extracts help dissolve the warts and tones the skin and one of the most popular wart removal home remedies.
• Certain enzymes known as Proteolytic enzymes present in papaya and figs also help to remove warts in an effective manner.
• Plant saps obtained from figs can be fastened to the skin for a couple of hours until the wart comes off.
• Intake of garlic, asparagus, citrus fruits, eggs and onions should be considerably increased as these contain sulphur containing amino acids which effectively helps one to get rid of warts.

Expert’s advice

Many experts are of the view that before resorting to expensive surgeries and laser therapies one should always try to opt for the above best wart removal home remedies as they never disappoint and what’s the risk anyways, one does not have to incur any cost. So try the home remedies before you try anything else seems to be the expert’s opinion.

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